Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ultimate Forex Profits Home Study DVD Programme promises plenty

There seems to be a great low-cost alternative to live forex trading courses on the website, "Instant Forex Income from Only 30 minutes a day - Entire Programme".

When visiting their website today, 24th October, this Forex Profits course was on offer:

The Ultimate Forex Profits Home Study DVD Programme
launches at
2PM London Time on Thursday 7th October!
Launch In Progress!
Only 500 copies available!
PLUS: MASSIVE Special discount during first 24 hours.
PLEASE NOTE: This unique offer will only be available for 5 days!

There seems to be a bit too much pressure to get customers to part with their money immediately, with no money-back guarantee which is usually offered for these types of products. Can this Forex Profits DVD course really work?

It seems a bit similar to another Profits DVD course launched by Greg Secker just a month before:

This course ALSO promises huge profits. The DVD course ALSO we available for just 5 days and it also included trading forex or equity... so is this just the same course, under a different name, just to create more hype?

It would be great if customers who have done the course could review the Ultimate Forex Profits DVD home course. Only with a user review of the ultiamte forex course can customers get a better understanding of what they are in for!